HUM Audio Bible App
Bring God's message to your mobile device,
recorded in your heart language


What is HUM?

HUM is a new free Audio Bible App that brings God’s message to your mobile device, providing The Holy Bible in audio in your heart language. HUM was designed with oral-preference learners in mind, providing easy navigation for everyone, whether you’re able to read or not.

Icon of an ear listening LISTEN

to The Bible in your heart language

Icon of a face profile speaking ASK

questions as you engage with God's message

Icon of two hands holding a heart GROW

spiritually by hearing your questions answered via podcasts, teachings, and more

App Features Include:


  • Audio of The Holy Bible translated in more than 30 languages with more languages added regularly
  • Bookmark scripture
  • Add to Favorites
  • Submit questions to instructors
  • Access to podcasts, teachings, and additional related content
  • Easy-to-use control panel

Why HUM?


India is a large country when it comes to its population. With a whopping 1.3 billion people, it is all set to overtake China in a few years. When one thinks about India, one thinks, population, culture and of course just the immensity of everything here. Everything in India, because of its population, is huge. The smartphone market is no different.


What devices are supported for the HUM App?

All Android Devices that are running Lollipop or higher. The iOS version of the HUM app will available soon so please be on the lookout!

What languages are currently available for listening?

  • English NIV The Listener’s Bible
  • English ESV
  • English KJV
  • Hindi Full Bible (BSI)
  • Tamil Full Bible (BSI-OV)
  • Telugu Full Bible (BSI)
  • Malayalam Full Bible (BSI)
  • Bengali Full Bible (BSI)
  • Marathi Full Bible (BSI)
  • Odiya Full Bible (BSI)
  • Urdu Full Bible (Geo Ver)
  • Kannada Full Bible (KJV)
  • Nepali NT (TBS)
  • Kashmiri NT (BSI)
  • Koya NT (FCBH)
  • Kolami NT (FCBH)
  • Malvi NT (FCBH)
  • Tulu - Gospel of Luke (NLCI)
  • Dhurwa NT (IEM)
  • Adivasi Odiya (IEM)
  • Chhattisgarhi NT (NIV)
  • Hindi NT (NIV)
  • Malayalam NT (NIV)
  • Bengali NT (NIV)
  • Tamil NT (BCS Version)
  • Kannada (BCS Version)
  • Nyishi NT (BSI)
  • Kukna NT (ORBIT)
  • Boro NT (BSI)
  • Mao Naga NT (BSI)
  • Maram Naga NT (BSI)
  • Bhili NT
  • Kurukh NT (FCBH)
  • Awadhi NT Portions (FCBH)
  • Sadri NT (FCBH)
  • Garasia NT (IEM)
  • Dorla Koya NT (IMS)
  • Gothi Koya NT (IMS)
  • Kupia (KBTT)
  • Madia (IEM)
  • Zeme Naga NT (BSI)
  • Simte (TBS)
  • Kurumba Kannada (NLCI)
  • Hakhun NT (NLCI)
  • Kok Borok NT (BSI)
  • Kuvi NT (KBTT)
  • Ollar Gadaba (OGBA)
  • Kolami NT (FCBH)
  • Gondi NT - South (FCBH)
  • Konda Dora NT (FCBH)
  • Ranglong NT (FCBH)

What are my options to stream audio on the HUM App?

All HUM users have the ability to stream audio over any high-speed Wi-Fi network as well as any cellular connection.

What are my options to download audio on the HUM App?

All HUM users have the ability to download audio over a high - speed Wi-Fi connection only. This allows users to download quickly without reaching any data limits they might have with their cellular provider.

We are awaiting permissions from Copyright holders in India for the other recordings done by us.
*You may visit to see other Indian languages available in solar-powered audio devices. Please do email us for more information.

If we listen closely to the world we live in, we might hear a noise: A small tone with no words that remind us there’s more to life than what we see. It is a sound that connects all of us. It calls us, and we’re drawn to it. This sound comes from our Creator. It can be understood in His message to us